Charter Arms Revolvers

Posted by Diane Ecker on 01 June, 2014

Don’t Confuse Affordable With Cheap:  Charter revolvers are the most affordable high-quality handguns in the market. Period! If you want to pay more, then just offer your retailer an extra $100, he will appreciate the generosity.

Lightweight:  The ultra-light aluminum frame models are made from tough 7075 aircraft aluminum alloy. They are the lightest in the industry.

Compact:  They are, for their calibers, the most compact (easy to carry) revolvers in the market.

Machining:  Charter Arms revolvers are 100-percent U.S.A. made and are fully warranted—forever! That’s right. Forever! This unique warranty follows the gun not just the first buyer.

Hammer Travel/Lock Time:  Fastest in the industry for a factory production revolver.

Fewer Parts:  Through advanced engineering they have fewer parts (less opportunity for failure).

Safest Hammer Block System In The Industry:  It’s true. Did you know that Charter Arms invented the hammer block system (and concept) you see on all new firearms? Charter freely gave this valuable technology to the industry (even Charter’s direct competitors) to keep all shooters safer with this new invention regardless of brand or design.

Solid Side Plate:  Actually no (screw-on) side plate at all. The result is a much stronger overall frame (less flex), and it is made possible in part to number 6 above.

Three Point (not two) Cylinder Lock Up:  results in superior strength and improved accuracy.

The Crane (also called the yoke) is held in place by the frame: Other revolvers use 100-year old technology to hold the yoke in place with a small screw that by itself must resist recoil momentum. While it works the side screw can loosen or fail. On Charter revolvers the yoke is retained in the frame itself resulting in significantly more strength and some accuracy advantage.

Eight-Groove Button-Rifled Barrel:  Only Charter has it. The result is better gas sealing which results in higher-velocities, unlike the deeper and more abrasive lands and grooves in other brands which can distort the bullet some. The result is Charters’ accuracy is better, too.

Manufacturing/Engineering Quality:  Highest in the industry. If you want it pretty, shiny, or modified somehow Charter can do that-too, it just costs more and does not make it shoot one bit better. But for a highly affordable, user friendly and effective working self-defense firearm that a person will carry and not be afraid to knock around, Charter Arms makes the best.

About Pretty and Shiny:  The U.S. Army Rangers have a saying: “Train like you fight, fight like you train.” It means just that too. Under life-and-death pressure you will act and handle your firearms just as you do in practice or in everyday life. It’s a psychological fact, if you baby your expensive, shiny, pretty gun in practice you will baby it when you need it.

Tough Guns: Charter Arms revolvers are made to be used and used hard. This means you can toss one in your tackle box, pack, under your car floor mat, or wherever (as long as it is legal), so it is there to protect your life when you need it.

If you want a high-quality, reliable, affordable and good-looking working gun that comes with a lifetime warranty (firearms made in Shelton, CT) and a gun you will not be afraid to have with you when you need it, well, that’s what Charter Arms makes.

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