Customer Review

I gave some pistol defense instruction to a man who brought a Charter Stainless Undercover. He did very well with his new pistol and on inspecting it during the range exercises shot that day, i found that the new Charter revolvers are even more improved than the ones from the early 2000's.

I have an early 1980's stainless Undercover and it is a good defensive pistol. It is still used on occasion. I purchased a Charter Stainless Bulldog in 2007 and it is an improvement over the 1980's Charter Pistols. When i fired my student's new Undercover i found it to be a remarkable improvement over my early 2000's pistol. the accuracy was excellent... he was able to make consistent 60 foot shots in single action. His undercover also had a smooth double-action trigger and smooth ejection.

Needless to say he did well with his chosen defensive pistol.

Congratulations to all at Charter Arms!

Great pistols made in the USA and nicely priced too.