Model # 64020

$ 518.00
This product can be purchased from a Charter Arms Dealer.

Introducing the Charter Arms .40 caliber Pit Bull. The unique design provides a dual coil spring assembly located in the extractor which allows for the insertion and retention of the .40 caliber cartridge in each chamber of the revolvers’ cylinder. (No moon clips required) This patented system allows the shooter ease of ejecting spent cartridges for immediate reloading.

Blacknitride™is a new, proprietary process that adds hardness to the finish of the revolver. It also reduces friction and wear.

With a scratch-resistant surface and extended life in the rifling and chambers, Blacknitride™keeps your Charter handgun looking – and working – like new!  

Charter Arms has taken the difficulty of rimless loading and ejection to the simplicity of the rimmed cartridge in the revolver industry.

Model: 64020


Frame: Large
Grip: Full Rubber
Barrel length: 2.3"
Capacity: 5-shot
Caliber: .40
Hammer: Standard (Regular)
Weight: 20 oz.


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